Zorb Balls

Zorb Balls

“Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep them people rollin’…..ZORB BALLS!”

We have 3 of these giant hamster balls.

If you do not have a suitable bounded area for them (e.g. sports hall), we can supply an inflatable arena to keep them contained ($160+gst).

Due to the size of the balls, high winds or strong gusts can be a problem.
We reserve the right to cancel a booking if the conditions are dangerous.

Price: Hourly Rates. Contact us

Space Required: large bounded grass area free from sharp stones etc.

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Zorb Ball Comic

From xkcd.com

“zorbing (ˈzɔːbɪŋ)n
1. (Extreme Sports) the activity of travelling downhill inside a large air-cushioned hollow ball”