Raindrops keep falling on my head…


Close-up of Silhouette  Against Blue Sky

A question we are often asked:

“What is your wet weather policy?”

Our ‘inclement weather’ policy (high winds/rain) is as follows:

1… If the event is cancelled in good time such that staff haven’t been called out then the full amount for your event is repayable. The weather is no one’s fault and so we don’t think you should be penalised for it. This helps us too, as wet units are a pain to dry (especially in winter).

2… If your event is cancelled due to weather but staff have already arrived at our warehouse or are in their way to your event or even at your event, then we reserve the right to charge for staff time and transport costs.

3… If we have set up then the full amount is payable regardless of subsequent cancellation.

If the weather forecast is bad, we usually try to contact you in good time to make a decision.

Thankfully only a very few events are cancelled due to weather, but it is always best to have a back-up plan!