When was the last time…?

People often ask what I do in Winter. My usual reply is “Watch dollar signs run down the window panes”.

This last weekend I pegged in a castle at Rawhiti Domain. As I hammered in the last peg, I did wonder when the last time I had pegged in a bouncy castle! As it turns out it was quite a few weeks ago (about 6!). Autumn and Winter can be a bit sparse for inflatables. Thankfully some people have indoor venues available and also the weather can be quite nice with the sun out.

My advice for hiring bouncy castles in Winter?
1. If possible have an indoor venue available.
2. If indoors isn’t an option have a plan B in case it rains.
3. Remember the ground is often wet in the morning and the light fades quite early, so think about a late morning start/early afternoon finish!